June 29, 2017 Station 44
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Tuesday June, 27 2017 @ 19:49
Problem: Gas Leak-High Life Hazard
Address:9 East Commerce St Smyrna, DE 19977
Tuesday June, 27 2017 @ 19:07
Problem: Gas Leak-Residential (Single)
Location:Heritage Trace
Address:104 Braxton Terrace Smyrna, DE 19977
Monday June, 26 2017 @ 17:24
Problem: Stand-By,Cover-Up
Location:Station 55 Magnolia Fire Company -- Magnolia
Address:2 North Main St Magnolia, DE 19962
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Citizens' Hose Fire Company
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Smyrna, DE 19977

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Citizens' Hose Fire Company
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Phone: 302-653-9858
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Department History
  • 1940- Long time member and leader of the CHC, J. Fletcher Truax is elected President of the counties Firemen's association
  • 1940's with the onset of World War Two, the fire department takes many steps to ensure the well being of it's community
  • 12/7/1941-The bombing of Pearl Harbor Naval Base in Hawaii
Fire House Mid-Thirties
  • 12/15/1941- the CHC issues a statement regarding it's readiness to serve and protect, "…the great emergency in our Country this company offers our facilities, equipment and services."
  • 1944- The first "Probies" are allowed into the fire company, in a response to a shortage of service caused by the war, young men 16 or older will now be able to apply for membership
  • 1945- "Scout" is retired
  • 1946- With victory in the European and Asian theaters the CHC moves it's membership requirements to the age of 21.
  • 1946- A V12 B-550-CO American La France pumper is purchased and placed into service
  • 1948 purchase of Dodge B3J 500gpm pumper
  • 1949 CHC hosts Del-Mar-Va convention
  • First fire police appointed
  • 1950 Ladies Auxiliary is formed
  • 1951 "Radio Room" is set up
Fire House Parade 1925
  • 1953 purchase of 700 series American La France "Spartan Special" this truck unique in the fact that is was the first to display to company logo
  • 1954 firehouse is expanded 8.20.1954 housing of equipment
  • 1958 first "modern" pumper purchased American La France 1000GPM 800 series pumper with booster reel and 750 gallon tank
  • Decision made by company members never to sell "old mom"
  • 1960 First Governors Cup victory
  • 1961 Citizens' Hose celebrates 75 years of service
  • 1962 Second cup victory
  • Third Governors cup victory retiring the first of many cups
  • 1964 purchase of the "Weed Wagon" a Dodge power wagon
  • 1966 purchase of a 1955 Mack B-42 tractor and a 5,000 gallon tank to create the companies first tanker
  • 1967 purchase of a 17' rescue boat used for local water emergencies
  • 1968 CHC sells the 1946 pumper and 1958 panel truck, the replacement a Ford Hahn 1,000 GPM pumper
  • 1969 more building additions made to house the tractor tailor, all trucks to be moved into new bays, older side of the firehouse converted into current social hall
  • 1971 construction completed - all units moved
  • purchase of the company's portable power unit
Equipment 1958
  • 1972 purchase of the departments first aerial unit a 1948 American La France 85ft ladder
  • purchase of the first Hurst tool or Jaws of life
  • 1973 second Hahn pumper ordered
  • 1974Kent Center takes emergency calls
  • 1975 purchase of a 1970 Mack Tractor to be used for tanker operations
  • 1977 third Hahn pumper is ordered
  • 1978 21' Boston Whaler rescue boat purchased
  • 1981 Bruce C. Ennis elected Fireman of the Year by the Delaware State Firemen's Assoc.
  • August 22, 1982 Sadly the Citizen's Hose Company loses is first and only fireman while in the line of duty. H. Thomas Tucker falls from an engine while responding to an alarm
  • 1983 purchase of the departments second aerial truck a 1970 Maxim 100 ft ladder and second Hurst tool
  • 1984 original aerial is sold
  • 1985 expansion of the building allowing for offices and storage areas
  • 1986 Citizens' Hose Co. No. 1 Inc. celebrates 100 years of service to the people of Smyrna and Delaware
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