Brush 44-0

2011 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD Crew Cab 4WD Fire Pump - Hale HPX100-B18 Tank - 175 gallons Hoseload - 100' of 1-1/2"; 200' of 1" forestry hose; 200' of 3/4" Hose Reel - (1) Hannay w/200' of 3/4" hose Warning Lights - Whelen Freedom 55" LED lightbar w/Opticom; (4) Whelen TIR6 red and blue LED lights in grille; (4) Whelen TIR6 red LED lights - (2) above front wheels, (2) above rear wheels; (2) Whelen Vertex Hidaway Super-LED lights in each headlight and taillight assembly, flashing LED lights on rear platform Audible Warning - Whelen 295SLSA6 electronic siren w/integral switch panel, Whelen SA315P 100-watt siren speaker Compartments - Aluminum treadplate compartments w/lift-up doors, black Turtle Tile flooring, and LED strip lighting. Center Console - Custom fabricated aluminum console sprayed w/black Line-X Additional - Custom fabricated rear platform and handrails, Warn XD9000i portable winch, portable winch receivers front and rear, Warn Trans4mer brush guard, Kussmaul Auto Charge 1000 battery charger, Kussmaul Auto-Eject receptacle, FRC TankVision water level gauge, custom storage compartment under rear seats, custom tool and equipment mounting. Unit built and customized by DPC Emergency Equipment.

Engine 44-2

2009 KME Predator Custom Pumper 8 Man cab with 7 SCBA seats. Hale 2-stage 2,000gpm Pump. 1,000 Gallon Water Tank. Onan 15 KW Hydraulic Generator 9,000 Watt Light Tower, Front and Side mounted scene lights Ground Ladders: 24' 2 piece extension ladder, 14' roof ladder, 10' collapsible ladder, 2' A-frame ladder. 9,000 watt light tower, front and side scene lights. 1250 gpm at 80psi Pre-piped Deck Gun Hose Loads - Crosslay - 200' 1.5" with 175 gpm nozzle - 200' 1.5" with 175 gpm nozzle - 200' 1.75" with 175 gpm nozzle - Rear Load - 400' 2.5" with 250 gpm nozzle (200' Preconnected, 200' deadlay - 400' 3" Supply Line (Deadlay) - 1,000' 5" Supply Line (Deadlay) - 300' 1.75" with 125 gpm nozzle 200' 1" Booster Hose Equipment - Engine Company tools - Set of Battery power Hurst Cutters and 32" Spreaders - 4 Gas Meter - Thermal Camera - Blowhead B20 Fan - Elevator Keys

Engine 44-4

2006 KME Predator Custom Pumper, Seats 8 (7 SCBA), 2,000 GPM Hale 2-stage pump, 1,000 gallon tank, 30 gallons Class A foam, 20 gallons Class B foam, 2,000 GPM pre-piped deck gun, 24' extension ladder, 14' roof ladder, 10' collapsible ladder, 8' A-frame ladder, Onan 15 KW hydraulic generator, Honda portable generator, full Hurst tool system with a preconnected combination tool on the front bumper, 9,000 watt light tower, front, side, and rear scene lights, gas and electric positive pressure fans, smoke ejector, K12 saw, Cutters Edge saw, chain saw, sawzall, circular saw, full engine company tools, AED, back board, medical bag, MSI thermal imaging camera, MSI multi-gas detector, salvage covers, forestry tools, (2) 200' 1 1/2", (2) 200' 1 3/4", 800' 5", 200' 3", 200' booster reel, 150' high rise pack with gated 'y', 100' 1 3/4" pre-connect in the front bumper

Ladder 44

2000 KME 100' ArielCat Heavy Duty Ladder, Seats 8 (7 SCBA), 100' straight stick with a 500 lb. tip load, (2) 35' extension ladders, (2) 24' extension ladders, (2) 16' roof ladders, (2) 16' straight ladders, 6' A-frame ladder, telescoping ladder, 16' roof ladder mounted on the stick, Gen-pro hydraulic generator, (4) scene lights, spot lights on the tip, gas and electric positive pressure fans, smoke ejector, full saw set, full truck company tools,, slavage covers, rescue ropes, structure repair kit, stokes basket.

Rescue 44

1997 KME Renegade Walk-In Heavy Rescue, Seats 8 (7 SCBA), 6' A-frame ladder, 24' extension ladder, 10' collapsible ladder, 45 KW PTO generator, full Hurst tool system, 6,000 watt light tower, scene lights on rescue body, positive pressure fan, smoke ejector, rescue saw, sawzall, cascade system, 20,000 lb. hydraulic winch, lifting airbags, rescue ropes, salvage covers, command area.

Engine 44-3

1991 KME Firefox Custom Pumper, Seat 7 (6 SCBA), 1,500 GPM Hale 2-stage pump, 1,000 gallon tank, 1,500 GPM pre-piped deck gun, 24' extension ladder, 14' roof ladder, 10' collapsible ladder, Onan 3.5 KW diesel generator, Hurst combination tool with portable motor, (2) fixed scene lights, (2) rear mounted spot lights, (2) cab mounted spot lights, smoke ejector, Quick Vent saw, MSA thermal imaging camera, full engine company tools, AED, medical bag, (2) 200' 1 1/2", (2) 200' 1 3/4", 200' 3", 1000' 5", 200' booster reel, 150' 1 1/2" high rise pack, (2) hard sleeves

Ranger 44

2008 Polaris Ranger 6x6, Seats 2, 350 GPM Davey pump with an 85 gallon water tank. Front mounted Polaris winch with remote controls. Unit carries 200' of booster hose on a hannay booster reel, 200' forestry hose, and 50' of 1 1/2" hose. Skid unit manufactured by Kimitek Corporation. Ranger 44 is carried on a Haulmark dual axle trailer which carries various forestry tools to support the unit. Trailer carries 2 axe, 2 Pulaski tools, 2 rakes, 2 beaters, pitchfork, shovel, Echo chainsaw, extra forestry hose and nozzle in bag, small tool kit, and large trailer mounted tool box with 50 gallon fuel tank.

Tanker 44

Tractor: 2015 International Lonestar. The unit is powered by a Cummins ISX 550HP engine and an 18 speed Eaton Automatic Transmission. Trailer: 2016 Hytec/STE 6,000 gallon elliptical tank. The unit has a 130HP John Deere engine powering a 1,000 GPM Hale pump. The unit has a generator mounted inside the belly compartment to power the (4) scene lights on each corner of the trailer. This unit has (2) 3" intakes on the rear, (2) 3" connections, (2) 4" connections inside the belly compartment of the trailer. It carries 200' of 3" and 600' of 5" supply hose.


The car is a 1975 Chevrolet Caprice convertible. This unit is used during parades to carry fire prevention queens, Auxiliary members, and etc. This was the last year that Chevy made this model in a convertible.

Utility 44-12

2006 Chevrolet Express 3500 15 passenger van This vehicle is used for utility purposes and transport of personnel to meetings, trainings, etc.


2006 18' War Eagle, Seats 4, poratble pump, drag hooks, back board, ice rescue sled, (4) wet suits, throw bags, spotlights, 25' 1 1/2", small hard sleeve

Utility 44-10

2006 Chevrolet Tahoe LT Utility vehicle

Utility 44-8

2000 Chevrolet Suburban 2500 This unit is equipped with an AED and medical equipment, and is used on any medical calls in our district. It is also untilized to pull the marine unit to any water rescues, pull the Ranger trailer to field fire and take extra manpower to scenes.

Old Mom

Old Mom is a 1928 American La France - Type 145 Metropolitan. It has a 1,000 gpm rotary gear 2 stage pump, an 80 gallon water tank, a chain driven 6 cylinder T-head motor. It was delivered to the Citizens' Hose Co. on September 6, 1928. Its original cost was $10,996. It was restored by Hal Fillinger of Harleysville PA. Old-Mom is still considered as an in service piece of apparatus.

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