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MVC Rollover with Subject trapped and Ejected - Route 1 South Bound North of Twin Willows Road.
Thursday, September 1, 2016

At 1758hrs, Station 44 along with Amb 64 and 53, Km6b, KM5, and trooper 4 were dispatched to Route 1 for a MVC Rollover. 44-4 made the response under command of 44-23. While responding, Kent Center advised all units that there was a PD officer on scene related one subject trapped and one ejected. 44-4 arrived on scene behind KM6b. Rescue 44 also arrived on scene. Units arrived to find a Tow Truck off the road and partially down the embankment. The Tow Truck was sitting on its Passenger side being held up by trees. 44-16 would assume Route 1 Command. 44-19 would have the extrication officer. Crews utilized stokes basket to remove the patient that was ejected. Route 1 Command would request the Kent County Special Ops Team for the Big Rig Rescue Equipment. 44-19 Requested a Winch to be utilized to assist in stabilizing the Tow Truck. The Winch off the bumper of the Rescue was used. Upon the arrival of Special Ops 1 and Rescue 43. Large struts were used to help Stabilize the Cab. Patient in the cab confirmed that there was only herself and the male patient. This was done do to conflicting reports of there being 3 patients. Crews from Engine 4 and Rescue 44 used the Cutters and Other hand Tools to do a partial roof flap to remove the patient. Extrication was complete at 1837hrs. Patients was placed in a stokes baskets and pulled up the embankment. The Male patient was Taken to KGH via D64 with KM19,Km6b,km7 and Trooper 4s Medic. The Female Patient was transported via Trooper 2 to KGH. The Scene was placed under control at 1856hrs. All Fire/EMS units cleared the scene. The Scene was turned over to DSP and TMC. Units Responding: 44-4,R44,440, D64,A53,KM19,KM7,KM5,KM6b,Trooper 4,Trooper 2,Special Ops 1,Rescue 43,Rescue 516,53-8 with Trailer 1, Command 43 and 53. 1st Asst Chief Dave Neeld Had Route 1 Command, Captain Eric Neeld Had Extrication, Paramedic Supervisor Mike Bishop EMS Division

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